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I grew up in Orillia, a small town in Northern Ontario. After high school I made my way to Harrogate, Tennessee to go to school at Lincoln Memorial University on a golf scholarship. I originally planned a career in mathematics, but was happily undone by just one Ceramic Arts course, and so I proceeded to graduate cum laude with a BA (Art major, Math minor) in 2011.

I pursued my passion for making with clay at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario in the Craft and Design- Ceramics program; graduating May 2014.

I was lucky enough to work for many potters including Timothy Smith at Gleasonbrook Pottery in Wiarton and Scott Barnim at Scott Barnim Pottery in Dundas.

Dave and I moved to Port Sydney in 2016 - a year later Dave and I welcomed our new beautiful baby girl Avienda into the world. In April 2019 we welcomed our son, David, into the world and doubled down on the madness… with baby number 3 on the way for Fall 2021, we’re beginning to wonder what kind of chaos we’re in for. For now, I'm happily working away in my new studio and shop space in the garage, and with craft shows, galleries, home improvements and baby milestones filling up my days I'm loving my life and I'm excited for the future.